Having sex on a plane is for many people a fantasy they would like to fulfill. They are turned on by the possibility of being exposed, the constant threat that someone might see them, the fact that it is illegal (in most countries sex in a public place is illegal), and many other feelings that only arise when you have sex in public. But having sex on a plane and getting away with it is not as easy as it sounds and here we tell you why.

Discretion first

Although this is an extremely obvious point, it's never too much to repeat, there are many couples who lose their judgment with the excitement of the moment, so the first thing is discretion. Having sex on a plane and being discovered has a series of consequences that can range from a simple fine to a ban on travelling on that airline and even temporary detention at the destination airport (don't fear life imprisonment for this kind of offensive behavior though) so the main thing here is to be discreet so as not to get caught or arrested.

Favour night flights

It all depends on the time. It's true, not all flights are made for attempting an adventure in the air, nor are all planes. You have to assess the situation you are in and decide whether it would be a good idea or not. On almost empty planes, sex becomes much easier. The best times and flights to have sex are NIGHT flights, just as they turn off all the lights and wait for people to fall asleep.

Standing in an alley

This also depends on where you are located. Always ask for an aisle seat, which allows for the least amount of noise to get to the bathroom), imagine that in the middle of the night, when you want to implement your plan, it is truncated because a neighbour has fallen asleep blocking your way and forces you to do a ninja maneuver to jump or yell "excuse me" waking up everyone else.

Under a blanket

Sex on a plane is more than just penetration. You can also masturbate your partner in the air. It's simpler and all you need is a small blanket or cover, which the flight attendant will be happy to provide, and you're done (most planes allow you to remove the armrest so your partner can mysteriously tilt their head to look for something between your trousers).

To the toilet

If your plan is to have sex in the toilet, avoid going together, it's too obvious, go first one and then shortly after, the other. Use a code to knock on the door, something like two knocks, silence, and another knock is enough to open the door and let your partner in. Congratulations you have reached the bathroom, now remember SILENCE, airplane toilets are extremely narrow and the walls almost cardboard so everything can be heard. Forget about moaning, screaming, jerking. The idea of having sex on an airplane is based on the concept of quickies. Turn around and sit down. The exit should be the same or stealthier than the arrival, try to listen through the door first to make sure no one is there, then one leaves and returns to his seat normally and within minutes the other leaves. Congratulations, you are more than ready to have sex on a plane, now all you have to do is convince your partner to follow you on your madness and book a ticket on a night flight!