How far can an escort girl go?

Having an honest job is the desire of most young people since forever. At the moment, several kinds of jobs can be found depending on your skills. Some of them require you to have a good physique and an angelic…

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Sex games to do with an ice cube

Intimacy in summer can seem impossible due to the high temperatures. A good option to practice sex while cooling down is to play with ice cubes. Here is a list of innovative sexual ice cube games to raise the erotic…

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Top 5 places to have sex

If you’ve never been to practice sex outside the four walls of your flat, you may find it interesting to open your horizons and try unusual places. Don’t lie to yourself: sex in bed is often boring. It always starts…

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How to make love on a plane

Having sex on a plane is for many people a fantasy they would like to fulfill. They are turned on by the possibility of being exposed, the constant threat that someone might see them, the fact that it is illegal…

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Coital Alignment Technique, the sexual position that guarantees you an orgasm

If you are tired of practicing sex by trying the same postures or techniques and you don’t want to fall into sexual monotony and you are ready to try new things, what we are going to explain next will delight…

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Online dating

You don’t always want a long-lasting relationship, but a meeting that allows you to enjoy life, to let your imagination run wild and to experience new sensations. Everyone has their desires and needs. No one is obliged to commit to…

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