Intimacy in summer can seem impossible due to the high temperatures. A good option to practice sex while cooling down is to play with ice cubes. Here is a list of innovative sexual ice cube games to raise the erotic temperature! 1. Ice kissing Take a small piece of ice cube, put it on your mouth, and kiss your partner. As it melts inside your mouth, it moves to different places. You can have fun looking for it with your tongue. 2. Frozen sex toys For this, sex toys are placed in the refrigerator, but you need to know in advance if they can be frozen like Chinese balls and some vibrators. 3. Ice all over the body You pass an ice cube over your partner's naked body, preceded by the passage of your tongue. The experience will be even more exciting if he can see and anticipate the places touched. 4. Ice breasts In this game, the woman grabs the ice with the palm of both hands and draws circles on her breasts until the ice touches the nipples. 5. Oral sex When performing oral sex, you should pass the ice cube over the penis with your lips and rub it gently. If your female partner wants to do this too, you should touch the clitoris with the ice using only your tongue. In case she has a very sensitive clitoris, she can try it with her underwear. 6. Stroking sensitive areas Pass an ice cube over sensitive areas such as wrists, chest, ears, knees, the part of the thighs between the legs, among others. 7. Grab her foot! If you gently rub ice on your feet, it can directly arouse your genitals, as there are nerves in this area that connect directly to the part of the brain that stimulates the sexual organs. 8. Ice massage Start by placing the ice in one hand to massage the neck and caress the scalp with the other hand.