Having an honest job is the desire of most young people since forever. At the moment, several kinds of jobs can be found depending on your skills. Some of them require you to have a good physique and an angelic face. The job of an escort girl is a perfect example. More and more agencies offering this kind of service can be found all over the world. However, this type of work is still misunderstood by the vast majority of the population. It is therefore essential to find out the characteristics of this work.

An escort above all!

Escort girl is a term primarly used for women who work in agencies to serve as partners, boyfriends or even just companions at official parties. Finding the right person can indeed be quite difficult, hence the emergence of such jobs. Eevery escort in Geneva has the face and the physique of the perfect woman to present to one’s friends or colleagues during a dinner or a drunken evening. Ecort agencies usually provide you with a catalogue. You can also choose more than a girl for the evening.

How about sex?

The role of the escort girl is to act as a real girlfriend during official events. However, the client can pay a fairly higher fee in order for her to show more affection. She may even go so far as to share a man's life over several days as part of her duties. As for the actual sex, escort girls do not "officially" offer this type of service. They can, however, provide this service for a fee, of course.

The limits of escort work

Escorts are considered as full employees in the agency they work for. They must therefore pay taxes and benefit from social security like everyone else. As such, an escort girl may reserve the right to refuse a particular client if the latter ignores the initial agreements or is out of line with the law in general (e.g. violence). However, you should know that escort girls are not officially allowed to rent a house to carry out their activity since this is considered as pimping.