If you've never been to practice sex outside the four walls of your flat, you may find it interesting to open your horizons and try unusual places. Don't lie to yourself: sex in bed is often boring. It always starts the same way, lasts the same amount of time. When you want to get out of your sexual routine, the first thing that comes to mind is going to a hotel, an intimate and sensual idea, but not very original. According to a recent survey by a well-known hotel chain, most people think that sex in a hotel room is more stimulating and enjoyable than sex at home. Yes, but it's still a room and protected by four walls. Plus, you usually use the bed as well, and if you've been there for days, don't hesitate, you'll turn it into something monotonous, timed, and although it can be satisfying, the stimulating effect will quickly disappear. Here are the five most exciting places to have sex:

On the beach

We talk here about "Sex on the beach", like the famous cocktail but arguably even more euphoric! The beach offers two scenarios for sex: the sand or the water. In both cases, you may face some inconveniences, such as taking several days to remove the sand from the most unsuspecting corners of your body or having the electrifying sting of a jellyfish intervene by surprise in the middle of the scene, but the sound of the waves, the sea breeze, the smells and tastes, the fear of someone discovering you... will not fail to arouse all your senses!

In the car

You don't need a limousine to have sex in your car, as the fact that the space in the back is small is an important factor in making the experience even better. Dozens of movie scenes have shown that the situation is viable and, as they say, reality always trumps fiction. Find out where to park to prevent anyone from spoiling the fun. Remember, this is a criminal offence and we could be fined.

Under the stars

We all love to look at them, but if we turn our attention away from the sky and concentrate on our lovemaking, we can definitely enjoy a very different kind of astrology session. Under a blanket, you can enjoy the cool of the night and a unique experience that you may also try during the day.

At a friend's or relative's house

It's not outside like the previous suggestions, but it's not a prepared hotel room, nor your familiar room. A sexual encounter in an acquaintance's house when he is not there, because, for example, he is away for the weekend, includes the excitement of being in a relatively unknown place where we don't know how the neighbours will react, where we can stand. Plus, the next time you go to that house for a party, you can share knowing glances with your partner to remember that afternoon of passion and, who knows, go for a new impromptu encounter.

In the shower

For the less adventurous, there are many options for sexual innovation without leaving the house. If we are attracted by the idea that we can be seen, the terrace or balcony are the best options, practice the pleasant butterfly posture on the dining room table, use the lift for foreplay or, as we said, take advantage of the shower and the many tools we can find there ranging from the shower palm to the different water pressures and temperatures as well as the different types of gel. But watch out for slips!