Some of the following mistakes will seem absurd. However, many people make them with their sex toys. Don't be like them! It's great to enjoy your sexuality and explore new ways of pleasing yourself with certain toys. But be careful not to make the following mistakes, which can hurt, badly.

Not changing sex toys between partners

Change sex toys if you change partners. This is essential; otherwise, there’s a risk of serious infections or complications. Many studies link inappropriate use of toys to the spread of human papillomavirus infections.

Not using protection

Even if you use it alone, to limit the risk of infection, attach a condom to your sex toy. Do not use anything other than real sex toys Do not try to mistake other devices or food products for sex toys. It is not hygienic to use anything other than sex toys for pleasure and it can be very dangerous for you because the shape of everyday objects or foodstuffs is not suitable for this.

Not removing the battery

There is nothing more annoying than having to search the whole house for batteries before playing with your sex toy. It's best to plan ahead, remove the battery when you don't need it and replace it when you do.

Cleaning your sex toys

If you're one of those people who wash your sex toys in the dishwasher with furniture polish, detergent, wet wipes, silicone or lubricating oil, stop right now! For an effective and safe cleaning and proper functioning of your toys, this should be done with special antibacterial agents. But the safest thing to do is to always ask the shop assistants. Do not wash your sex toys while batteries are inside The effect of water on the battery could cause a malfunction.

Do not give it away!

A sex toy cannot be reused by other people and it should rather be quietly discarded! Although it is a battery-operated device, you can eventually recycle it with any small household appliances...