Do you want to know if your partner is cheating on you? There are many ways to detect betrayal, taking into account the attitudes and certain ways of acting that usually betray people who cheat on their partners. If you want to know if your partner is cheating, read on for the best tips on how to know if you are being cheated on. 1. He/she suddenly starts to take care of himself/herself If your partner never cared much about his or her physical appearance but suddenly starts buying new clothes, looking at himself or herself in the mirror a lot and generally taking better care of himself or herself, it is most likely that something fishy is going on. Beware, this should not be the only evidence you can rely on to detect infidelity because he may have decided to refocus on himself but we recommend you turn on the radar to see what is going on. 2. He/she has a strange schedule If your partner has suddenly changed their schedule, is spending a lot more time at work or is spending more hours than usual on their 'hobbies', there may be more going on than they are telling you. 3. He/she is dating new people If your partner has started dating new people because he or she has changed jobs, started a new hobby, taken up sport, etc. this should not be a problem, and you should even be happy for him or her. The problem comes when he or she excludes you from these activities. If he/she doesn't encourage you to go out with him/her and his/her friends or if you notice that he/she is slow to introduce you to them, he/she’s very likely hiding something. 4. You are no longer having sex Another clear warning sign is if you notice that the frequency of your relationships is decreasing. If she barely notices you, or if the frequency is much lower than before, she is probably no longer attracted to you and may have something outside the relationship that she likes more than you. 5. He/she is thinking about something other than your relationship. If your partner has stopped worrying about your couple life and your family issues, it is very likely that something is up. In these cases, it is best to monitor your partner's behaviour in a healthy way to see if you are being cheated on. 6. You have found physical evidence If you found a hotel map, smell a different perfume on his clothes or saw hair in the car that is not yours, you should not be alarmed but start taking precautions to be vigilant if your partner is cheating on you, still without obsessions but with the alarm on. 7. He/she forgets your special dates If your partner never remembers your special dates, then they have probably already moved on, even if they are still physically in the relationship, they have gone out and met someone else. 8. He/she lies Another of the most obvious signs that someone is being unfaithful to you is when they lie to you. If you have already caught several lies on the fly, confront your partner, get their side of the story and understand why they are lying to you. 9. Don't obsess At this point we would like to stress that it is essential not to become obsessed with this issue. In many cases, there may be a combination of circumstances that are merely coincidental. The best thing to do is to examine his or her actions carefully and if you are certain, talk to your partner to clarify things, take stock of the relationship or make the decisions you need to make as soon as possible. 10. You have found intimate messages If you have found intimate messages on your partner's mobile phone or on a card that was not addressed to you, something strange may be going on. In these cases, we believe it is best to speak directly with your partner so that they can explain the situation. 11. He/she has mood swings If your partner has a lot of mood swings and you don't understand why: sometimes he or she is very happy and feels full of vitality while other times he or she is angry and talks badly to you and you don't understand why, it's probably because it has nothing to do with you and that person is cheating on you. 12. Evidence from their social networks If you have found new people on his Facebook or he gets messages on WhatsApp all the time, this is also another clear warning sign. You should not check his mobile phone or computer as the other person's privacy is fundamental, but it will probably be important to be aware of possible evidence of infidelity. 13. He/she has new activities If your partner has started doing things they have never done before and suddenly has interests that seem strange to you, you should look out for new signs of infidelity. 14. Sudden change in behaviour Another thing that can be an indicator of infidelity is a change in behaviour without a clear explanation. If, for example, someone is behaving very strangely and you don't know why they are probably hiding something from you. 15. Buying you gifts This is a classic but cheaters often feel guilty and shower their partners with flowers and gifts in order to ease their guilt.