No relationship will be idyllic for the rest of your life. You won't always feel those fireworks that you felt the first time you had sex, but that doesn't mean that sex has fallen into a routine, you just need to know how to identify and learn to explore different types of sex. Sex doesn't always have to be extremely passionate or repetitive; it should have a bit of everything. The best way to break out of the sexual rut in a relationship is to vary the types of sex you can find throughout the relationship, we'll explain them here.

Maintenance sex

Just as cars need maintenance every distance travelled, couples also need their ratio of preventive or maintenance sex. This type of sex does not need to be extremely passionate; it simply serves as "relief. This type of sex, even if you don't believe in it, is the sex that keeps the relationship going and reaffirms the bonds that exist in the couple. For those nights when both are extremely tired, simply stroke the parts that you know turn your partner on, before you act on them. The important thing here is the orgasm, nothing more. It shouldn't be the only type of sex you have, but you can have maintenance sex often, it's a great way to keep the relationship alive.

Spontaneous sex

When you are just starting a relationship, any friction, situation and even location can turn into a perfect situation to have sex. Unfortunately, this is the first type of sex that tends to disappear once the relationship is established and hormone levels have returned to normal. To resume this type of sex, it takes a little more than eroticism: look for the opportunity to be spontaneous in the shower before going to work, stop your car in the middle of nowhere when you get home, fondle her under the table in a restaurant, etc. The good thing about sex is that the rest only happens if you put the spark in.

Make-up sex

Have you already had an argument and settled it in bed? This type of sex does not have orgasm as its ultimate goal but its purpose is to rather reconnect with your partner or rediscover him/her in another situation. It is more sensual than sexual. This is the type of sex where it is more important than ever to make your partner feel loved especially to choose a position where both can be comfortable and can be looked at directly in the eyes.

Experimental sex

What is your fantasy or should you try a new sex toy? These are the typical questions that call on the need of this type of sexual act. Saturday nights are ideal for experimental sex, when there is no pressure of work or anything else and you can get to know each other in a way you hadn't thought of. You don't need to be too adventurous, maybe changing something as simple as location or position is enough to start experimenting. The important thing about this kind of sex is to play, to talk and to get to know each other as a couple, to enjoy it. Every relationship will go through different times and different types of sex, but you have to understand that in a relationship, sex plays a very important role, so you have to enjoy it in all its facets. It will not always be passionate and sensual, but it should not always be boring and monotonous. Learn to enjoy all those moments with your partner that come along.