The development of new technologies has impacted all our daily habits. Sex is no exception to the phenomenon. A phone, an internet connection, and a camera are enough to indulge in the sexual practice of your choice. Is virtual sex a real alternative to sex with physical contact?

What is virtual sex?

It's a fact that in recent years a new way to spice up your sex life has come to light: virtual sex. Dating sites, webcam chats, phone sex, or exchanging naughty photographs are just some of the ways to practice virtual sex. Virtual sex includes all sexual activities practiced by individuals through technological tools. By voice call, by messages, on chat forums, or via online messaging, whether you are single or in a relationship, all means are good to satisfy your sexual needs.

Virtual sex: a solution to physical distance?

Isolated, the libido is no less present. Whether you are single and looking for contact or in a long-distance relationship, virtual sex brings people together. As an alternative to long-distance relationships, cybersex is a method used by many couples who want to maintain a sex life even when they are far from each other. Whether it's a short or long-distance relationship, virtual sex provides a solution for couples seeking a fulfilling sexuality. "For us, virtual sex is a way to stay connected. We start by texting each other naughty messages throughout the day before meeting up for webcam sex in the evening. The first few attempts were sometimes comical, but very quickly, the desire overcame the awkwardness," says Leslie, 28, who is in a long-distance relationship with Romain, 32.

Is virtual sex an effective response to social distancing?

The Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak is yet another opportunity for virtual sex to become part of people's habits around the world. With 4.6 billion people confined to the planet, cybersex and phone sex have never been more popular. Particularly popular with shut-ins, virtual sex has enabled many people to maintain sexual activity despite social distancing measures.

Phone sex: more popular than ever?

One of the main reasons for the success of phone sex is that it allows people to let go of the physical distance. Online, even the shyest and self-conscious can express themselves without judgment. Far from taboos, the phone sex service has a liberating function. It creates a link between two individuals in a society where social ties are deteriorating. Talking to a phone sex operator offers both the opportunity to have a naughty conversation for sexual purposes, but also to reconnect with reality by having someone on the other end of the line. "The phone sex service has allowed me to fulfill fantasies that I didn't dare admit to my wife. More than a means of having a virtual sexual relationship, the phone sex service helps me to better understand my sexuality with an open-minded interlocutor," says Christophe, 41. The phone sex service is for everyone, whether you are a virtual sex enthusiast, want to fulfill a fantasy, or want to boost your libido before a sexual encounter.